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The world that we live in makes it evident that our reliance is growing faster than ever on computers. It’s so prominent as technology is intertwined in our lives. No industry can prosper without the use of machines and technology. With this increasing demand and growing applications, we hope that computers will keep getting faster and better. Or will it?

Since the dawn of classical computers, there has always been an endeavor to increase the computers’ applications as computers are great at doing intense, repetitive, calculative tasks without experiencing fatigue. …

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Digital Currency is the latest way of exchanging for services or goods. They are enabled using blockchain tech, which helps it work out all the nitty-gritty involved in securing it cryptographically and do all the complex math under the hood, which is precisely what we will be looking at in this series. Once I’m done sharing this knowledge with you all, I’ll leave it in your hands to decide if digital currencies will be massive or just a passing trend.


In the beginning, when there wasn’t money available as a medium of exchange, people used the barter system to exchange…

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This summer I went through a great experience of re-designing our company’s website. It wasn’t just any exercise of changing some fonts and colours but the whole process of redoing the website from scratch, very daunting I know but it was only possible because of resources provided by our friends at Centrality and of course a lot of guidance by my colleagues.

Anyway here is link to the the end result. Nice yeah ? So let’s see how to create something similar with least amount of friction.

Fonts and Colours

First thing first, when creating a website the first thing that you want…

In this post I’ll tackle the challenge of explaining smart contracts without using any technical jargon and once we are done we will take a deeper dive into technicalities behind a smart contract and also get you to write your first smart contract. This is part 1 of a series of upcoming posts on smart contracts.

“A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.” so says Wikipedia

But frankly speaking…

[Part 1 of 2]

Let’s talk about 150 years from now when there are possibly no fossil fuels left given the rise of the human population and their ever-increasing needs and demands, consumption is a wildfire and fossil fuel is the forest that it has taken over. In today’s date, most of the electricity is generated using fossil fuels and the way digitalization is spreading there is an always increasing demand.

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Though with the advancement in science and technology I’m certain that humankind will solve the problem but what if we are too late. …

This one goes back to not very long ago when humankind achieved the feat by the invention of the telephone and communication in the 19th Century which was about to change the whole world. Great inventors like Thomas Edison and Charles Babbage, to name a few helped changing the human footprint that we are going to leave behind and the journey we took from thereon.

That one long-distance call was all it took to realize that communication was going to change our world and bring us together even in different parts of the world. …

So, Blockchain has been around for quite a while and you must be tired of hearing all the buzz about it but let’s see if it is right for your business or not and if it is then what type (because there are a few different types) which are used for very specific purposes.

So, before we make our decision let’s remind ourselves that some factors require a little thinking around before we move on, such as:

· Number of users in the system, participants and parties

· Kind of performance expected, need of efficiency desired for transactions or complete…

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain based payments can work with high confidence of integrity of data, without the need of an intermediary and also establishing a high degree of trust by providing tamper-proof data.

Just like all the finance entities, funds have legally binding relationships between the different participants and thus to ensure that operations and capital flux are efficient and accurate through a fund’s entire lifecycle, all participants have to each maintain a database system which are isolated, but each also rely heavily on every participant e.g. Fund administrator, Fund Manager, Auditor, Custodian, Lawyers etc. …

Let’s unravel the mysterious blockchain by writing our own simple version of it and understand how it works behind the scene.


Ultimately it could lead you to make your own experimental tiny blockchain network and then sky is the limit with what you can really do with it.


  • Blockchain basics (most comprehensive article ever at - Blockgeeks)
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • Enthusiasm :)

Lets Begin

First step before actually writing our own blockchain is figuring out what different pieces of information we need. Since I have already done all the work so heres the list of building blocks required for our miniature blockchain implementation:

  • Class Blocks (index , timestamp , data , previous hash , hash , nonce)
  • Class Blockchain(appending all the blocks , starting from genesis block)
  • library for calculating hash (sha256)
  • helper functions to use our implemented class

Now lets start ,

first thing we need is a library to…

This is part2 of the continuous series of post about smart contracts , please go and have a read part1 in case you missed it.

Write our own smart contract(unsplash)

In my last post I promised to come back again with regarding to smart contracts and help you write your first one.

Now we know what smart contracts are and how they might work in theory and what problems they can help us solve and and what issues they are facing.

It comes without saying but this post is going to be technicalities behind creating a smart contracts. I’ll mainly be focusing on writing smart…

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