This one goes back to not very long ago when humankind achieved the feat by the invention of the telephone and communication in the 19th Century which was about to change the whole world. Great inventors like Thomas Edison and Charles Babbage, to name a few helped changing the human footprint that we are going to leave behind and the journey we took from thereon.

  • No database existed — nothing was stored in the database, there was no stack and front-end and back-end technologies or different layers to make it all happen just files and loads of files full of information.
  • There existed no search engine to crawl all the webpages and links, but only downloadable files and search FTP sites(Archie Query Form).
  • Dial-up internet connection was common in those days.
  • Blogging or comments were usually made work using guestbooks system so that it doesn’t bog down the main page with content.
  • Dynamic content and interactive system to move to very rich user experience.
  • Increased use of emails and online communication versus the telephone lines which displayed the huge participation of users.
  • Rise of web services(APIs), Web Apps and other SaaS and creating a collaborative medium.
  • Facebook, youtube and other social media platforms came to rise.
  • Cloud computing came into existence due to the need for computing services on demand and based on required availability in different parts of the world.
  • Helping us boost business productivity, save and manage money smarter.
  • Ability to work from home or remotely.
  • Everything at the comfort of your fingertips be it banking, work, or movies.
  • Rise of online shopping and e-commerce services, people are more hooked to Web than ever. Less real-life interaction and more time spent with devices. We are forgetting that the reason we invented devices was to save our time but it actually seems the other way around now.
  • AR & VR
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Super-fast connectivity
  • Reduced security breaches
  • No single organization to control
  • Full ownership of your data

Science. Tech. Music.

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