How To be Positive Even When Your World is Falling Apart

Akshat Jain
3 min readFeb 6, 2018


We have adopted this fact quite well that someones success is defined by the richness of their relationships , finances and self being .

But what if there is a imbalance in these elements ? Did you ever wonder what would it be like if there is no direction to the life , like there is no purpose and greater need to wake up everyday feeling motivated . The life will seem negative to you , and it will affect every little thing around you . Well this is kind of an experience most of the people go through at least once in their life-span .

Only the successful people reap the benefit of such experience and get shaped and stronger while the rest just get through it . But how ? why ? The only thing that makes them successful is power of positivity , its a way of telling yourself that everything is gonna be alright even if its only getting worst . Its the simple belief that keeps you going , knowing that you’re alone on this road and its only getting darker as far you go . But how being positive works ?

Redefine Mindset

It might does not make sense at start but let me start by asking you a simple question.

Whats that first thing that goes inside your head when that little code of yours does not work ? or when a teams strategies does not seem to work on the football ground ? or when the art does not gets that success ? You change your thinking to get different results !

This is one the key things to learn practising thinking from a different point of view . It not only makes you a more reasonable person in life but also opens a door for whole bunch of different ideas and thoughts . So by redefining your mindset you’re just increasing your number of outcomes , which more , the better .

Think to DO it , not ESCAPE it

One of bigger pitfalls though for changing your mindset is people often find the ways to escape , which might not be the best way out .

The biggest example here is that people are getting more money-oriented for their jobs and they see no other motivation to it . They are just working to meet up the deadlines and waiting for paychecks as a resource to escape the reality by buying their happiness . If we could realize the bigger picture and still understand that people lived great and beautiful lives even when money did not existed . Think of working as to improve your environment or for collaborating or making a different routine and learning things or facing challenges in life , it be such a better definition to look at rather then just an escape .

Produce Positivity

But the story does not ends here . Say you have been a pessimist for a while now in life and are surrounded by no such hope for a birth of positivity . What now ? Change your inputs then . By that I mean change every input in your life that includes your lifestyle , your friends , your eating habits , your sleep cycle , your spending habits .

By only changing your environment and friend circle you would have conquered half the battle .

The other half is managing your finances and looking out for self being (health , outdoor activities , diet , sleep , meditation , etc)

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.”
Roy T. Bennett

There is no such thing as darkness or negativity in life , its only the absence of positive attitude .

Hope you enjoyed my very first non-techy article . Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more :)