If You Can Cook , You Can Code

  1. Take all the ingredients required after deciding what to cook (eggs , salt, pepper, butter ,etc ) ; defining and initializing your variables for Class Omelette .
  2. Put a pan on the normal heat ; This is your main( ) which gets executed and cooks your code .
  3. Add butter to the pan ; function add (butter) in the main .
  4. Beat the eggs and salt/pepper according to taste ; function whisk (eggs) and add (salt , pepper) to it.
  5. add the mix in pan and cook ; add (mix) and cook while x < 4 minutes.
  6. flip the side of omelette and another couple of minutes ; function flip () and cook while x < 2 minutes .
  7. Serve ; End of Curly braces and exit with desired output .

Conclusion of the Story (Ramsay is not the best Coder)

But , He is the Greatest Chef of Time




Science. Tech. Music.

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Akshat Jain

Akshat Jain

Science. Tech. Music.

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